Wage & Hour Violations

It’s Simple: If You Have Worked the Hours, You Should Be Paid for Them.

As a worker, you have rights. If those rights were violated, you deserve compensation and restitution under the law. But how do you know if your rights were violated?

Our team at Solución Legal™ provides free evaluations of cases like yours. We can examine what happened to you and help you understand what your rights are so that you know how to proceed.

You need information in order to make an informed decision appropriate to the situation. That’s where we come in. Schedule a complimentary, confidential case evaluation with our attorneys at Solución Legal™ regarding a potential wage or hour violation. We can help you examine your options and inform you of what the law entitles you to under the circumstances.

Employers Responsibilities To Employees

Wage and hour violations are serious, and as an employee, you should never feel that you are powerless in the face of unlawful treatment by your boss.

Many wage and hour violations have to do with:

  • Failure to pay overtime compensation
  • Encouraging / requiring employees to work unclaimed hours, including working from home
  • Wrongful classification of employees as independent contractors
  • Failure to pay commissions, bonuses, and overtime wages in a prompt and timely way
  • Failure to give appropriate rest breaks and meal breaks

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